Hugo Schwyzer

Hugo Schwyzer on Self-Esteem & Consent

Consent at its core seeks to maximize romantic harmony. Taking the good moments and making them great, great moments — amazing, and those amazing moments…just about transcendental.  This harmony requires the ability to demand and give respect. Furthermore, it entails we utilize something that just about everyone I’ve ever met,


Consensual Mixtape 2: Submissions!

Happy Monday everyone! TCP hopes you all had a great and consensual weekend! As we found out with our last Consensual Mixtape, music can help us explore sex and sexual communication in an extremely palatable and exciting way.  So, we’re following up with another! Here’s the concept- this mixtape will

Michael Kimmel

Interview With Michael Kimmel On Consent!

If you’re looking for one of the nation’s leading researchers and writers on masculinity, look no further. Michael Kimmel has the extraordinary gift of being able to examine and explain masculinity in phenomenal detail. Since masculinity is a great part of sexuality and thus sexual relationships, TCP was excited to

stacey may fowles

Exploring Consent With Stacey May Fowles!

There is just too much to say about Stacey May Fowles in one short paragraph and now TCP is already one sentence behind. I first had the pleasure of  enjoying her writing in the anthology Yes Means Yes, where she discusses consent and sexualized power in such an extraordinarily insightful way,

lisa wade

Lisa Wade And Consensual Narratives

Everywhere we go, we’re constantly receiving narratives around sexuality, sexual communication, and consent – in movies, through music, on television, amongst friends, privately with our partners, and just about anywhere one can think of. Unfortunately, not every one of these narratives we receive on sexuality is positive or even valuable.


MTV Spotlights TCP

Conversations around sex should not be as simple as “throwing a condom on a banana” and discussing how to make it fit. At least that’s what 23-year old Ben Privot preaches. Privot founded The Consensual Project, to promote consent between partners as a method for making sexual interaction healthier, safer,

man and woman sex
Sex Life,

Dirty Talk: Gettin Wordy & Gettin Dirty

At every last moment, consent presents us with what may be one of the most exciting opportunities: the exciting pleasure you and your partners can discover and enjoy together. Consent gives you the opportunity to find not just your desire, but the depth of your desire. And on top of

Cindy Gallop

Pleasure, Consent, and Cindy Gallop

The phrase “if you haven’t had the pleasure yet” does’t just apply to Cindy Gallop, it’s foundational to her outlook. At TED2009, Cindy amassed the attention of thousands of onlookers when she gave an extraordinary speech on hardcore pornography.  Under her spell of confidence, poignance, and conviction, the audience warmly

Aishah Shahidah Simmons

Aishah Shahidah Simmons on Consent

From her home in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Aishah Shahidah Simmons is making a substantial global impact.  Through her feature-length, internationally acclaimed, award-winning documentary, along side its two-hour supplemental educational video, as well as the accompanying 100-page study guide exploring the international realities of rape, sexual assault and other forms of violence

Colin Adamo

An Interview With Colin Adamo

I didn’t expect it at the time, but when I first spoke with Colin Adamo, I felt a level of kindredness.  Like myself, Colin pursued sexual health education through his extra circulars while in school as an undergrad, said pursuits turned into post graduate projects, and he has a sincere