The Vision

The Consensual Project

The Consensual Project partners with schools and universities to bring students a fresh understanding of consent. The innovative curriculum, workshops, and website empower young people to incorporate consent into their daily lives. The Consensual Project is committed to helping students connect through consent.

The Consensual Project Has Game

Sex and sexual communication is an art. For many in our generation, it’s called Game. Everybody’s got Game but not everyone’s game is that good. This is where consent comes in.

Before we start, let’s be clear, Game can be Good, Bad and Ugly.

Good Game:

  • Utilizes wit, charm, creativity and humor to let somebody know your desires and discover theirs.
  • Is, at it’s basic level, talking to the person about what you’re interested in. So verbal communication is key with Good Game.
  • Leaves everyone feeling satisfied with their choices and proud of their sexuality.
  • Understands how sexy mutuality is.

Bad Game:

  • The ethics of playing are about trickery.
  • There are no real “rules” to the game since the purpose of game is to fulfill one’s own personal goal so in the end many people get emotionally hurt or even much worse.
  • Is often expressed through harassment.
  • Has winners and losers.
  • Communication will ultimately break down everyone ends up alone. (single tear)

The Ugly:

  • The ugly part about the current status of game is the fact that this unfortunate “bad” list is extremely short compared to its full length.

Now it’s no wonder why some are drawn to game as others are simultaneously repelled. It’s now up for us to recalibrate, rejuvenate, and re-imagine what game looks like so we can fully capture it’s possibilities. Fortunately, the solution is real simple:

Center your game around consent.

By focusing our game around consent do we eliminate the bad and clean up the ugly. You know, make it do and look good. Real good.

Whether we’re rewriting the rules to the game we’re used to or if we’ve decided to play a whole new game, we’re lucky to have discovered a formula for success in our game.

There’s no shame in The Consensual Project’s game because it’s all consensual.

Maximize Consent on Campus & Create a Consensual Legacy

The Consensual Project is all about full disclosure, and not just when it comes to romance. By making all of our materials publically available, we want to make it as easy and exciting for YOU to begin enjoying consent. And if you still want more consent, we’ve got you covered! Our workshop and facilitation manual are both available for download, let us know and we’ll work with you to host your own workshop!

Go to The Workshop.


No matter your religious, personal, or ethical background is, consent belongs in your community because it will promote your community’s values. Consent is neither about teaching abstinence nor sex, it is about teaching the vital ways we communicate our interests and boundaries whatever they may be. In order to accomplish this consensual curriculum, The Consensual Project establishes sex positivity. For the Consensual Project, sex positivity is about fully embracing your sexuality while making consent a foundation to how you express it. Essential components of our brand of sex positivity are creating a space in which students can have a high sexual self-esteem, be safe, be respectful, and be honest with themselves and others. Therefore TCP will teach consent while respecting to your community’s values.

For example, if you want sex toys/books/games (yup, sex games exist, don’t you remember truth or dare?) handed out at the workshop, let’s do it! If you would prefer non-sex related gifts, that’s great too!

Gender, Sex, and Sexual Inclusivity

From the content of the workshop, to the sex toys we hand out, to the tools we provide, to the language we use to describe it, you are included in the discussion. So no matter what your gender and sexuality, your experience MATTERS to The Consensual Project… so long as you’re down with consent.

Strengthening Campus Organizations

The Consensual Project strongly believes that students are amongst the movers and shakers on campus. Greek Life, ECAB, Student Government, GLBTQQI groups, religious organizations, sports teams, you name it; these student communities enjoy a central role in shaping their campus. And so The Consensual Project provides materials and other opportunities great for building a unified campus community around consent.

Go to Consent Dance Party or Consent & Means No Banners.

About Ben

Born and raised in the nation’s capital, Ben Privot unavoidably discovered his interest in social issues at an early age. Throughout his educational career, Ben had always found school to be a great place to start making civically-minded strides. The unique social atmosphere unifying a classroom education with extracurricular activities provides students a continual praxis where they can find success upon many platforms. So, he put the formula to the test. Ben majored in Women and Gender Studies and one extracurricular dedication after another eventually culminated in one of his greatest achievements: an award winning workshop which gets students excited about exploring consent. Now Ben is going back to school: this time to impact schools the way they have impacted him.