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P90X and Your New Year’s Resolution

We are entering into the third month of 2010. This means that all of you that stated you want to lose weight in 2010 and haven’t started, the clock is ticking. Don’t worry you are not alone. One way to jump start your weight loss would be a program called

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Junk Food Diet, Real Nutrition

The junk food diet is the bane of many an American’s health, providing excessive calorie intake with little or no nutrition; the key to a successful junk food diet is understand how the body processes energy. Our bodies use the energy found in simple calories, such as sugar and carbohydrates,

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Boost Your Anti-aging Plan with Green Tea

Green tea has been around for over 500,000 years but it is just recently that Americans have recognized the health benefits of the Asian staple. The tea has been used in Asian culture as a traditional medicine to help control bleeding, heal wounds, regulate body temperture, control blood sugar and

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New Nutritional Labels on Foods

We all have been to the grocery store in the last year or two, and all you see is “Healthy”, “Low Calorie”, “Better Choice”. Every company has been coming up with new ways to make their products “healthier” by cutting out a few calories, grams of fat, sugar, or sodium.

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The Newest Nutritional Ratings

Dismayed by the growing epidemic of diabetes, obesity, and other health problems related to a diet that is poor in nutritive value, experts have devised a new rating system based on a scale of 1 – 100; with 1 being the lowest end of the nutrition scale and 100 being

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New Nutrition Labels: Good or Bad?

Many grocery chains and manufacturers are implementing new nutrition rating systems, but how helpful are they really? For years, the food industry and public at large has sought an easy, effective means of determining what is a healthy option and what isn’t. With obesity rates rising, and fad diets everywhere,

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How Much Fiber Should You Eat in a Day?

How much fiber an individual should consume is a common question for dieticians and physicians. The answer is that it is based upon and individual’s diet and daily calorie intake. The United States Institute of Medicine recommends 20-35 grams of dietary fiber per day. Usually, this is broken down by

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Is Creatine the Key to Muscle Building?

While there’s no easy solution to gain muscle mass expect working out hard and dedicative, there is one natural and totally legal supplement that actually can help in the process of receiving the desired results; Creatine. If used under the right circumstances, which means devoted exercise with a proper diet,