Born and raised in the nation’s capital, Ben Privot unavoidably discovered his interest in social issues at an early age. Throughout his educational career, Ben had always found school to be a great place to start making civically-minded strides. The unique social atmosphere unifying a classroom education with extracurricular activities provides students a continual praxis where they can find success upon many platforms. So, he put the formula to the test. Ben majored in Women and Gender Studies and one extracurricular dedication after another eventually culminated in one of his greatest achievements: an award winning workshop which gets students excited about exploring consent. Now Ben is going back to school: this time to impact schools the way they have impacted him.

meredith fineman

Interview With FFJD

The Consensual Project has a new friend: dating, sex, and relationships blogger, Meredith Fineman. By using her humor, wit, and seemingly unending supply of jeggings, Meredith chronicles the dating world through the unique twist of going on 50 first dates within the Jewish community. Her blog: Fifty First (J)Dates (or,