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How Much Fiber Should You Eat in a Day?

How much fiber an individual should consume is a common question for dieticians and physicians. The answer is that it is based upon and individual’s diet and daily calorie intake. The United States Institute of Medicine recommends 20-35 grams of dietary fiber per day. Usually, this is broken down by

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Is Creatine the Key to Muscle Building?

While there’s no easy solution to gain muscle mass expect working out hard and dedicative, there is one natural and totally legal supplement that actually can help in the process of receiving the desired results; Creatine. If used under the right circumstances, which means devoted exercise with a proper diet,

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Interview With FFJD

The Consensual Project has a new friend: dating, sex, and relationships blogger, Meredith Fineman. By using her humor, wit, and seemingly unending supply of jeggings, Meredith chronicles the dating world through the unique twist of going on 50 first dates within the Jewish community. Her blog: Fifty First (J)Dates (or,