A candid response is essential for great consent so please see what’s being said about The Consensual Project!

Harvard University

“Ben was a captivating presenter who blended humor with important messages about consent and respect in an interactive, approachable style. The students were laughing, applauding, participating and completely engaged throughout the entire workshop.” – Sarah Rankin Director, Office for Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Harvard University (Students anonymously sharing the sexiest thing they’ve ever heard…

University of Northern Iowa

Ben Privot engages with his audience to get them thinking about how everyone benefits, both pleasurably and ethically, when having “better” sex comes to mean having morally better sex, meaning fully consensual sex. – Harry Brod, Asking For It: The Ethics and Erotics of Sexual Consent (Media Education Foundation).

The Feministing Five With Ben Privot

To view the post at it’s original location, please visit Feministing here! Ben Privot has made it his personal mission to, in his own words, “present consent as extremely sexy”. And he’s off to a fantastic start. His brand new initiative, The Consensual Project (TCP), was founded in mid January of this year to promote…

MTV Spotlights TCP

[To view the article on MTV please click here.] Conversations around sex should not be as simple as “throwing a condom on a banana” and discussing how to make it fit. At least that’s what 23-year old Ben Privot preaches. Privot founded The Consensual Project, to promote consent between partners as a method for making…

Candid responses from UMaryland students about consent!

Check out the candid responses from UMaryland students after our workshop!