It’s Let’s Talk Month!

We’re proud to announce that this October, 2011, we have consensually partnered with The Oregon Sexual Assault Task Force (SATF) to explore that wondrous phenomenon we call sexual communication & consent.  All month long SATF & TCP are combining resources to:

  1. Share how quality sexual communication makes for hot n’ healthy sexual activity
  2. Show the language of sexual communication & consent
  3. Utilize new strategies for promoting consent in your community

If you want to learn more about any or all of these three things you are probably a fellow consent enthusiast.  For that, we thank you! But no matter who you are, this month we’re turning up the heat on our social media pages to simply bring you consent. If you have an appetite for consent, our tweets and posts will keep you nourished. So please subscribe to SAFT’s Facebook and Twitter pages to stay updated!  And, if you like, join the consensual conversation with the hash tag #LetsTalk!

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or requests for assistance/more information.

We look forward to creating a consensual community with you! Thank you and stay great!