The Workshop

Consent: From Hookups to Relationships

When it comes to sex, consent is the best-kept secret. In this workshop, TCP puts in plain words the nuances of consent: from a thorough definition of consent to tools for practicing consent, and much more. All through the workshop are humorous interactive discussions and valuable exercises that keep everyone energized and involved. And by the end of the workshop, students leave convinced that consent is worthwhile for one simple reason: they now know what consent can and will do for them.

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Host Your Own Free Workshop!

As mentioned in our vision, The Consensual Project is dedicated to maximizing consent on college campuses. So we’ve made this workshop and its facilitation manual 100% free! If you would like help hosting your own workshop, The Consensual Project has got you covered. Please send an email to and we’ll work together so you can host your own workshop! That way, if a speaking engagement isn’t optimal for you, consent can still be shared at your school.

Either way, please watch the next video to have a glimpse into the exercise designed to teach three primary lessons:

  1. Body language is not reliable,
  2. Pleasure exists on a spectrum,
  3. Explicit verbal consent is the only way to know what your partner is expressing.
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Please watch the next video below and see the exercise helping students simultaneously ask questions and assert boundaries.

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