Consent & “Means No” Banners

Every school The Consensual Project works with doesn’t just get each of these banners, they make them! Which is precisely the point. It’s an easy and fun way for students to take action and then have ownership of consent after the workshop simply by writing corresponding phrases on the banners. You can be as creative as you want with them. Here are our favorite ideas for you.

Raise Awareness On Campus:

So many students are unaware of what consent can and will do for them. Why leave them hanging? Hang these banners on campus and create an atmosphere where consent is not only normalized, it’s encouraged!

Bring To Events:

New scenery at events can bring a lot of new faces as well as keep the veterans coming back. Plus, you can think of these banners as a way to resonate students’ personal accounts with consent throughout campus. As well, you will give your campus a glimpse into what consent looks like at your school.

Tabling Aid:

Trying to get a conversation started at your table? Make it a consensual conversation by enticing your peers with this banner. It’ll also help you to get some action on your sign up sheets. Plus, from my experiences, college campus tables are a little over 6 ft in width. This poster is 6 ft in width. Coincidence? I think not.

Foster Important Discussion:

Each of the phrases represented provides an opportunity for a vibrant discussion on consent. Entry points to these conversations can be:

  • How do each of the phrases represent consent at your university?
  • What does the phrase say about your schools (or perhaps even organization’s) hookup culture?
  • What is missing on this poster?
  • What is covered on this poster?
  • What positive aspects of consent does this poster highlight?
  • How does that relate to your student organization?
  • Does it relate to your work or just your culture?
  • Is there anything on these posters that shouldn’t be there?